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You don't have to be pregnant to be educated!

  • Do you desire a healthy pregnancy?

  • Would you like to know what to expect throughout your pregnancy when it comes to appointments, labs, testing?

  • Would you like to know the best way to eat and supplement no only for you--but for your baby?

  • Do you want the inside tips for an excellent labor & delivery experience?

Knowledge is Power

Prenatal classes should not be restricted to only those late in pregnancy, but to anytime in pregnancy or even if just considering pregnancy.  Knowing what to expect can ease every aspect of pregnancy.  Cathi will also help you develope a healthy mindset for becoming and being pregnant.  THIS CLASS IS DIFFERENT.  We will discuss many topics and there will be plenty of time for questions.

Cathi Stack has over 30 years experience with women and as a midwife, has insights that most teachers don't. 

Class Topics

  • Getting Pregnant- Mindset and tips

  • Nutritional Guidelines & Supplementation & weight gain

  • Lab tests explained

  • Am I crazy or is it my hormones 

  • What to expect during each trimester

  • Your doctor- Advice for a great relationship

  • Doula or Don’t?

  • The Birth Plan:  Advantages and Disadvantages

  • The Labor Wing

  • Pain Management in Labor.  Epidural or Not

  • Inductions.  What they don't tell you.

  • Visitation before during & after childbirth

  • Postpartum depression - what to watch for



Pick your date
February 22, 2020 9am-12pm
April 18th 2020 10am-1pm
June 20th, 2020 10am-1pm
Include your Name, age, pregnancy status and phone #.  Let us know if you will be bringing a guest.
Venmo- Cathi-Stack
Cathi Stack
3970 River Rd, Youngstown NY 14174
*Non- refundable (but we will switch dates if something unexpected comes up).
*20 person limit.  Wait-list available.

What's Included

3 hour class

Free Copy: "PUSH- Labor & Delivery from the Inside Out

Email/Facebook connection and continued support

Free guest pass

Discounted refresher class ($10)

*Free book & discounted refresher class do not apply to guest. 

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