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I would love to share a new service with you that I am offering my patients. I have partnered with 3X4 Genetics, who offer a personalized plan that gives you insights that help you understand your health better, with clear and actionable recommendations to help you improve your quality of life. It’s not invasive at all, it only requires a cheek swab that takes 30 seconds.


Why the 3X4 Genetic Blueprint? Your genes are unique. They tell the story of you, and only you; no one else has ever had the same genetic makeup. That’s awesome, because instead of having to do what works okay for most, you can do what works best for you.


Here’s just some of the value you will get with your 3X4 Blueprint:


Healthy heart – find out how your genes are supporting your heart health and how you can support your cardiovascular system;

Weight Loss – your genes have a big role to play in how your body manages weight, find out insights to help you manage your weight intelligently;

Hormones – find out how well your hormones work and get insights about whether you should be avoiding taking hormones, such as the contraceptive pill or testosterone;

Immunity - how well are your genes working to fight off viruses, knowing how healthy your immune system is and what you can do to build a strong immune system are important in these times;

Exercise– find out what training works best for you, how to get fit and avoid injury by training smarter;

Brain health - what you can do to optimize cognition as you get older;

Optimal diet – Find out how well you process nutrients such as gluten, vitamin D, caffeine and many more.


The 3X4 Blueprint is completely unique in the fact that every insight has a clear action plan, find out how to work with your genes so that you can live a longer, healthier and better life.

to find out more, please set up an appointment so we can come up with your own personalized program based on your genetics!


Summary Consultation $149 due at time of consultation

HOW?  Just send me an email with your Full Name, Address, Phone number and date of birth.  I will have a kit mailed right out to you.  Payment is necessary to order kit.   

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