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Journey II Health, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Bio-Identical and Anti-Aging Therapies.  These are preventative and restorative therapies to slow the aging process, avoid degeneration and prevent disease.  Journey II Health has a reputation for optimal cleansing and nutritional protocols and is now taking our clients to the next level with anti-aging therapies and bio-identical hormones.  We have partnered with Labrix, Pine Pharmacy, and other specialty labs in order to provide you excellence in testing and compounding specifically FOR YOU.  You are a unique individual and our protocols are customized very specifically to achieve excellent results.


What can I expect from BHRT & Anti-Aging Therapies at Journey II Health?

  • Nutritional Guidance and Weight Management, especially if Insulin Resistance or Type II Diabetes is an issue

  • Cleansing Protocols 

  • Supplement and food recommendations customized to your test results and personal profile

  •  More energy

  • Weight loss (if needed)

  • Improved digestion and elimination

  • Improved skin quality and texture

  • No more "brain fog" or fatigue

  • Reduced ADRENAL stress (which contributes to abdominal fat)

  • Improved thyroid function

  • Normalized cholesterol levels (without drugs)

  • Prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer

  • Bone loss prevention



How do I start this amazing process For faster service, email us at Please include Name, address, phone, and birth date.  If you have questions that our staff cannot answer and would like a short consult, we can arrange that for you.  To save you time and money, we will have you complete the testing prior to your consultation.  By doing this, we make the most of your time and the appointment.  Recommendations and compounded prescriptions will be given, along with nutritional guidelines and suggestions for optimizing the results for you. 


What experience does the practitioner have?

Catherine Stack has over 35 years of experience in women's health.  She works closely with a number of physicians at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.  Cathi has added a naturopathic approach as a Doctor of Naturopathy.  Fascinated by the results she has seen in anti-aging (preventative) medicine she continues to educate at regular intervals, bringing these therapies and services to Journey II Health.  She has improved the quality of life for hundreds of individuals and strives to achieve excellent outcomes.  Once an established client, you will have direct access to Cathi so you can reach her at anytime.  


Will this replace my OB/GYN or Primary Doctor?

NO! The purpose of this therapy is to optimize your health.  We require that you have seen your OB/GYN or Primary Physician with in the past year or two (depending on age).  Copies of blood work and other tests are very helpful in customizing your therapy, so we encourage you to bring them! If you have not seen your doctor, we require you do so before setting up an appointment.  WE REQUIRE PAP SMEARS & MAMMOGRAMS (or thermography) as recommended by your GYN.


What is the cost?

  • Saliva testing—Payable to Labrix directly when you mail in the test. Some insurances will cover a portion of the cost. (You will be required to mail in a copy of your insurance information). Cost of testing is approximately $200-250.00 *It has been our experience that insurance does not cover the cost of the lab and you will be billed for the full amount of 450.00 if you are denied.  Please save yourself the aggravation as NY residents are offered a significant discount.

  • Consultation / Review of Labs / Treatment (1.5 hours)—$350.00

  • Cost of compounded hormones—Varies based on needs (insurance coverage and co-pays apply).

  • Supplements—Varies based on individual needs.

  • 3 month Follow Up (1 hour)—$100.00

  • Yearly Follow Ups (1 hour)—$100.00


*Follow-up appointments are NECESSARY for renewal of prescriptions!* They can NOT be renewed over the phone or email.

E-Consult IS an option for those who cannot fit into Cathi's schedule.


Does insurance cover any of this?

That is very individual based on coverage.  Most do not.  Journey II Health, LLC does not submit paperwork to insurance providers at anytime.  Some cards (HSA/FSA) plans are accepted.  Please note that some co-pays on prescriptions are not covered unless your primary care provider writes them.  If this is the case for you, we will work with your physician.


As you can see, were are very cost effective compared to others providing this therapy.  We have an excellent repuation when it comes to nutrition education and digestive health, and are striving for excellence by adding BHRT and Anti-Aging modalities.  Your health, vitality and longevity is so important to us and we will go above and beyond to help you achieve it.



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