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How to begin and what to expect

We understand the busy person and realize that some individuals have a hard time making and keeping appointments due to their hectic schedules. Although Cathi prefers to meet with patients in person, she does understand that not everybody can fit her tight schedule.  From the time of purchase to the time you receive a full summary and plan, is typically 4 weeks. If testing is delayed, this will prolong the process.

I NEED YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and Date Of Birth to order the kit.  Send that to me via an email reply.



Saliva testing is through Drs. Data.  The test kit will be mailed directly to you and you will pay the lab when you send your sample in.  (210.00).  Insurance will NOT cover this; if you attempt to put this through insurance, it will be declined, and then you are stuck with a bill for more than double what you would have paid.  (FSA/HSA are accepted)


Saliva testing includes estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, and the ratios between these hormones.  It also includes adrenal testing (4 point).  


Once you receive the kit, please read the directions very well the day before you plan to test.  


It takes me 10-12 days to get the results from the time you send your kit back.  Please make your appointment accordingly and this should be done as soon as you plan to test.  Do not wait or you will not get in.  Here is the link to the schedule:


If you are menopausal:  You can test anytime

If you are still having regular periods:  Test between days 19-21

If you are irregular--  test anytime but keep track of your periods.  


APPOINTMENT (Insurance not accepted or billed for)

First appointment: 1.5hrs ($350)

Follow-up appointments are 3months then yearly- 45min ($100)(no refills without this and yearly appointments)

Before your appointment:

Please bring in any recent labs you may have had over the past year

Please print and fill out the New Client Intake forms and the Policy and Procedure Consent.  

If this is a follow-up visit, You just need to fill out this form.


Initial E-Consultation—$350.00 

E-Consult Follow Up—$100.00

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