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with Catherine Stack, Doctor of Naturopathy


To schedule a new appointment:

1) Select Service by scrolling down and clicking "Schedule Now". (Colonics on this page / Consultations, choose tab on left)

2) Select time slot by clicking desired block of time (appointments are only available Tuesdays and Wednesdays, please be patient as there is typically a 6-8 week wait).  If you'd like a series of colonics (weekly for 3-6 sessions), book all appointments now.  If you desire a Thursday appointment (not available for colonics), I do have some availability so please EMAIL me

3) If you cannot select a specific time slot, there is not enough time for that appointment.


4)  DO NOT forget to hit the "CONFIRM" button. You will receive an automated email immediately.  To avoid a missed appointment, please put a REMINDER IN YOUR PHONE NOW. (You will NOT receive a reminder email.) Thank You!

5) If you are still having difficulty scheduling, please call 716-703-0626 for assistance or better yet, email me..Cathi


 I have two other HIGHLY qualified options for COLON HYDROTHERAPY if my schedule does not fit your need:


If you are interested in MONDAY, THURSDAY or FRIDAY appointments at this location, we are excited to welcome Christina La Macchia home to Journey.  Christina was with us in the early years then spread her wings to Southern California and then Chicago for the past 10 years where she had a successful colon hydrotherapy business.  Check out her YELP reviews. CHRISTINA COLONICS  Call her today and set up an appointment  312-623-9137.  (To schedule with Cathi Stack, please use online scheduling)

If you are in the Southtowns we HIGHLY recommend Southtowns Colon Hydrotherapy (Sara): 716-662-3493 or

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