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"More than 63 million people suffer from chronic constipation in the United States. 6.3 million have been seen for constipation in the ambulatory setting, while 700,000 have been hospitalized. Sadly, very few are able to resolve the issue.


Being in the healing profession for most of my life, I have come to know this: There are millions of constipated individuals out there! If the issue of constipation is not addressed and corrected, you will have a very difficult time achieving your health and weight loss goals. When constipation is fixed, every organ system functions better, supplements will work better, and nutrients from foods are more readily absorbed.


Most of all, helping someone become more aware and attuned to their body is priceless. This knowledge becomes a priceless tool that helps individuals prevent and reduce their risk for degenerative illness.


There are so few books on the topic. Even many of my best resources fail to address the issue of constipation. The public needs more access to this information."

-Catherine Stack, ND

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Hopefully, by now, you know about the birds and the bees. But, have you ever wondered about all that goes on behind the doors of a busy labor and delivery unit? If you love medical shows such as ER, Grey’s Anatomy or Chicago Med, you will surely love the Labor & Delivery version—real life unpredictability.


Part comedy, part tragedy, and absolute reality. We have all lived through our own version of the PUSH and now it’s time to take a look from an insider's unique perspective. Whether you were a C-section or escaped via the vaginal route, PUSH is likely to give you a new appreciation for childbirth.


This book was written for the layperson or labor coach, mom-to-be, labor nurse, midwife, resident and even obstetrician. For those of you that work within these walls, you will relate to many of these experiences. There are plenty of text books out there, and enough of "what to expect when you’re expecting," but PUSH brings a whole new insight to the world of birthing babies. PUSH delivers when it comes to fast paced information that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, gasping in horror, laughing out loud, or crying with some of the most heart wrenching stories.


Catherine (Cathi) Stack has been working Labor and Delivery for 30 years and will never say that she has seen it all, but she has certainly seen enough to give you an inner glimpse of this mostly wonderful, sometimes chaotic, sometimes horrifying world that we have ALL survived.

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