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We understand the busy person, and realize that some individuals have a hard time making and keeping appointments due to their hectic schedule. Although Dr. Catherine Stack prefers to meet with patients in person, she does understand that not everybody can fit her tight schedule. The E-Consult process, from the time of purchase to the time you receive a full summary and plan, is typically 4 weeks. If testing is delayed, this will prolong the process.
(ONLY choose this option if you have had a previous consultation with Dr. Stack).
  1. Purchase E-Consult Follow-Up package.
  2. Fill out and return follow-up patient paperwork. This can be emailed or snail-mailed.
    CLICK HERE to obtain paperwork.
  3. Once this is received, Dr. Stack will reply via email within 2-3 business days.
  4. You will receive a summary to your email via “HEALTHWAVE”, a platform that allows Dr. Stack to keep all of your personal information in one place securely. This will also include a list of recommended supplements with a link to purchase them.
  5. If you are a bio-identical hormone patient of Dr. Stack, yearly visits (or e-consults) are required in order to continue compounded hormones. Refills will not be given without consultation/e-consults.
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