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Initial E-Consultation

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We understand the busy person, and realize that some individuals have a hard time making and keeping appointments due to their hectic schedule. Although Dr. Catherine Stack prefers to meet with patients in person, she does understand that not everybody can fit her tight schedule. The E-Consult process, from the time of purchase to the time you receive a full summary and plan, is typically 4 weeks. If testing is delayed, this will prolong the process.

  1. Purchase E-Consult package.
  2. Fill out and return all new patient paperwork. This can be emailed, snail-mailed or faxed.
  3. Attach recent photographs. Full body (Clothed)/Close-up face (Yes, you can smile!)
  4. Once this is received, Dr. Stack will reply via email with her recommendations for testing (based on your submitted history) within a few days.
  5. Purchase recommended test(s). They will arrive within a week or less.
  6. Complete the test(s) in the privacy of your own home, and mail (postage paid UPS) as directed.
  7. Within two weeks, Dr. Stack will have results in her hands. These results, in combination of your health history, will likely prompt her to ask you specific questions. Please reply ASAP, as she is already formulating a plan and needs your input.
  8. You will receive a comprehensive summary to your email via “HEALTHWAVE”, a platform that allows Dr. Stack to keep all of your personal information in one place securely. This will also include a list of recommended supplements with a link to purchase them.
  9. You will be given direct email access to Dr. Stack for the next 3 months, in which she welcomes your questions and progress reports.
  10. There is a 3 month follow-up that will need to be purchased if you would like to continue your plan WITH Dr. Stack, and is necessary to continue email communication. It is NOT necessary if you feel you are doing well, and would like to continue the supplements and plan on your own. A follow-up may be done for up to two years, after that, the initial E-Consult process would need to start from the beginning.
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